Stopped Flow

Stopped Flow
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High sensitivity stopped-flow at specific wavelengths

For researchers conducting  stopped-flow experiments at specific wavelengths the SX20 LED provides a high sensitivity solution based on monochromatic LED light sources. These alternatives to a xenon light source offer high intensity, high stability and a very long lifetime. With all the benefits of the SX20 sample handling unit, the SX20 LED Stopped-Flow will find wide application in labs seeking to maximize fluorescence sensitivity at selected wavelengths.

The SX20 LED can be upgraded to a full SX20 system in the future.

Instrument Overview

High intensity LED light source. Over 40
wavelengths available from 280nm to 760nm

  • Very high fluorescence sensitivity
  • Extremely high stability, rapid start-up and long lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint
  • Unique lower inner filtering / high sensitivity
    cell designs
  • Low dead-time, low volume requirement
  • ProData acquisition, display and analysis software (unlimited seats)
  • Large range of upgrade options


Key Features

  • 5-window stopped-flow cell: maximizes fluorescence sensitivity, minimizes inner-filter effect and provides optimum pathlengths for absorbance and/or fluorescence measurements
  • Improved signal-to-noise and a lower limit of detection: LEDs are approximately 10x more intense than for the same wavelength when compared to a xenon light source
  • Reduced footprint: requires 1m of bench space
  • Automatic dead-time measurement: simple stopped-flow drive shows that the system is performing optimally for very fast kinetics
  • Cost-effective: without the requirement for a standard light source and monochromator, the system cost is significantly lower
  • Automatic dead-time measurement: a simple stopped-flow drive is all that is needed to show that the instrument is performing optimally for very fast kinetics.