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Leading the field requires expertise. Our team offers this in-depth, in R&D, customer support, applications development and also in the commercial and financial fields.

The people behind the company

True leadership sees where the company is headed and plans the steps needed to get there. Visualizing what is possible, following trends in the industry, and taking risks to grow the business are all required of leaders.

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Tim has spent 28 years in the life sciences market, since graduating from South Bank University with a PhD in Biotechnology. He has had several roles in sales, marketing and business management with companies such as GE Healthcare, MicroCal and Beckman Coulter. 4 years prior to joining Applied Photophysics Tim was running his own management consultancy firm.

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Marc joined Applied Photophysics as a North American Sales Director and has now been promoted to President because of his diligence and sincere determination towards the success of the company. Marc has helped to re-establish the company as a key player in the protein characterization market. Marc has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience, which includes a decade of leading high-performing sales teams that have delivered exceptional growth in the biotech and scientific sectors. He holds a BS Degree in Electronics Engineering from Thomas Edison State University and an MBA from Drexel University.

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Ian has 20 years of experience as a Finance Director and CFO, working for both UK SMEs and large multi-national companies. His career has seen him work in a range of industries including consumer products, manufacturing, telecoms and IT. Having spent the last 10 years as European CFO for a consumer products company he now works as a portfolio FD, providing finance director and related accounting services to a number of companies. He has been a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 2000 and has a Business Studies degree from the University of Hertfordshire.

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With a background in Operations Management, Ian has spent over 20 years working with various firms in manufacturing industries, specially spectroscopy based. He has taken up various technical, project and people management roles- with continuous improvement being a key aspect of all these. Ian also brings with his experience working with spectroscopy based products including x ray and optical emission techniques, production of analytical equipment for metals processing sectors including alloy production, quality control and recycling. He holds a BSc Honours degree in Applied Environmental Science from The University of Portsmouth and a level 5 Diploma in Operations Management from The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) specialising in continuous improvement.

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Linda has a strong managing background in marketing, sales and technical support in the Biophysical analysis instruments for over 20 years. She has achieved quite a few remarkable market performance records for products such as ITC, DSC, CD, and Stopped-Flow spectroscopy. She has specialised in research fields of biophysical characterization of macromolecular structure and interaction, drug discovery and screening. With broad marketing experience and massive sales channels and networks she has concrete record of developing and growing the business for several products originated from zero starting point in China market. Linda has a BSc. in Chemistry from Fudan University. 

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Lindsay Cole joined Applied Photophysics in 2007 as an applications scientist working in the R&D department. During this time he has played a major role in the development of our Chirascan CD spectrometer platform. Lindsay’s first major contribution to the Company was in the design and development of the CS/SX stopped-flow accessory. He was also deeply involved with the DMS application for the Chirascan V100 CD instrument. His most significant achievement so far has been as the project leader on the development of the Chirascan Q100.

Lindsay gained his PhD from the University of New England in Australia before undertaking Post-Doctoral research at the University of Michigan, USA, and the University of York, UK.




Markus has more than 15 years of experience in sales and applications. He had various roles in direct and distribution sales, supporting customers in the lab to measure their samples or providing training on techniques, instruments, and workflows. He is the Director of Sales and Applications for Europe at Applied Photophysics. Markus holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and a Master of science in microbiology and Molecular Parasitology. He and his Team support customers in answering questions or solving problems on protein stability, structure, and binding.




Maddy is a forensic scientist, a web developer and a digital marketing expert. He spends most of his time building and playing with innovative marketing tools. Initially, a freelance consultant and developer, Maddy runs Marketing for Applied Photophysics and Protein Stable. He has a proven record of boosting website traffic, lead generation and running successful marketing campaigns. He can speak several languages and loves to travel. He likes to cook food and play cricket when he is not busy coding. He is a friendly professional who you might see handing out cool freebies at our conference booths worldwide. 




Paul has 13 years of experience working in both the scientific instrumentation and aviation industry, holding multiple roles ranging from Research Scientist to Programme Manager. He has worked on various spectroscopic technologies, including X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy, Ion Scattering Spectroscopy and RAMAN spectroscopy.

As a qualified practitioner in both Prince2 and Prince2 Agile, Paul applies these project management methodologies to ensure the Development projects run at Applied Photophysics are run effectively and efficiently whilst applying his technical skills to ensure APL products remain the market leader in biomolecular characterisation. 

Paul holds a master’s degree in Physics with Management Studies from the University of Sussex.

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With over three decades in Purchasing & Supply Chain Roles within Oil & Gas, Aviation, Electronics, IT and Engineering/Manufacturing technology-based industries, Stuart brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to drive the business forward. Key to our success is management of Suppliers, Costs, Logistics and Stock Organisation. A lot of focus is spent working with Production and Development teams to drive down costs. Other skills include product management, contract negotiation, devising & implementation of new methods, quality control & management of equipment, budgets & contracts.

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Tom has over 15 years of experience in customer service and managerial roles within the hospitality, retail and scientific industries. During this time, he has developed the ability to provide the highest level of customer service. The customer experience and Applied Photophysics excellent reputation for service and support are of paramount importance to Tom. He divides his time between managing our Customer Support team and his responsibilities as the Product Manager for our stopped-flow platform.

Tom has a BSc. in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry, both from Loughborough University. He is also a Chartered Chemist. His deep scientific background, particularly in the research environment, enables him to better understand and fulfil our customers’ expectations.