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Scientific Advisory Board

The Applied Photophysics Scientific Advisory Board is consisted with scientific leaders in both academia and industry.

Chris Bahl PHD 1 (2)

Chris Bahl Ph.D.

Dr. Chris Bahl is a protein designer, biochemist and structural biologist.  Chris pioneered the ability to computationally design synthetic miniproteins de novo. He began this work at the Institute of Protein Design in Seattle as a postdoctoral fellow, and he matured this design technology into a high-throughput platform with his team at the Institute for Protein Innovation in Boston where Chris was the Head of Protein Design. Today, Chris is the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of AI Proteins, Inc.  AI Proteins is leveraging the unique and powerful synthetic miniprotein modality to rapidly create novel therapeutics.

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John Gabrielson Ph.D.

Dr. John Gabrielson is the vice president of analytical sciences at KBI Biopharma. His main research interests are biophysics, particle characterization, analytical method capability, simulation & modelling. Dr. Gabrielson co-founded Elion Labs before it was acquired by KBI Biopharma.

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Katlyn Meier Ph.D.

Dr. Meier is a Professor at the University of Miami, Department of Chemistry. Her research focuses on achieving a better understanding of the reported roles of copper and iron proteins as contributors to neurodegenerative disease progression, cancer metastasis and chemoresistance, and drug resistant infections.

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Russ Middaugh Ph.D.

Dr. Russ Middaugh is a distinguished professor at the University of Kansas. His main research interests are the stability of proteins, DNA, macromolecular assemblies, virus-like particles, viruses, and bacterial cells for pharmaceutical use. He runs the macromolecule and vaccine stabilization center at the university.

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Sandro Keller Ph.D.

Dr. Sandro Keller is a professor of biophysics at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences (IMB) of the University of Graz, Austria. His main research interests are membrane proteins and lipids as well as membrane-mimetic systems, with a focus on polymer-encapsulated nanodiscs.

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Teddy Zartler Ph.D.

Dr. Teddy Zartler is director of biopharma service for US at SGS. He obtained his BS from Goucher College and PhD from UPenn. Dr. Zartler has 29 peer-reviewed publications and edited two books: Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, and Applied Biophysics for Drug Discovery.