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Suitable for studying chiral molecules of all types and sizes, the sensitivity and accuracy of a Chirascan V100 circular dichroism spectrometer ensure that researchers get the most from every CD analysis, generating high-quality data that contribute to a deeper understanding of biomolecular characteristics, mechanisms, and interactions.

More than α-helix and β-sheet—determine structural and thermodynamic properties

  • Achieve highest sensitivity and accuracy
  • Gain insight and detect changes in secondary and tertiary structure
  • Determine response to thermal or chemical change
  • Study folding and unfolding mechanisms
  • Expand capabilities with dedicated Chirascan accessories


Increased sensitivity when sample is limited

  • Avalanche photodiode detector enhances sensitivity
  • Higher signal:noise ratio than conventional photomultiplier tube detectors
  • Accurate normalization from simultaneous measurement of absorbance and CD

Since their introduction in 2005, Chirascan™ systems have continued to feature in thousands of peer-reviewed publications covering a wide range of research areas. The Chirascan V100 now offers the increased sensitivity and accuracy preferred for CD analysis of biomolecules.

Calibration with confidence
  • Accurate CD values across entire wavelength range
  • Overcome challenges of chemical calibration
  • Optics-based, multiwavelength calibration

Conventional chemical calibration methods require considerable skill in preparation. Standards, such as ­camphor-10-sulfonic acid (CSA), are unstable, photolabile, and hygroscopic. In addition, single-wavelength ­calibration (290.5 nm) assumes the same linear response at all ­wavelengths.

The optics-based, multiwavelength calibration method used for Chirascan V100 and Chirascan Q100 systems overcomes these challenges. The correct calibration is applied to every wavelength to yield accurate CD values.


Features and accessories

Chirascan systems are supplied with the features and accessories required for acquisition of high quality data from ‘day one’.

Molecular sieve, activated charcoal filter
  • Removes common gas impurities
Active nitrogen management system
  • Regulates purge gas consumption
  • Software-controlled
Air-cooled xenon lamp
  • Software-controlled
  • Up-time recorded
  • Produces horizontally, linearly polarized ­monochromatic light
  • Dual polarizing prisms maximize light ­throughput
Photoelastic modulator
  • Converts horizontally polarized light to ­circularly polarized light. ­Alternates between left- and right-handed circular polarized light
Temperature-controlled sample chamber
  • Consistent analytical conditions
  • Continuous temperature ramps
  • Temperature measured directly in sample
Water circulator
  • Dissipates heat from sample chamber and sample storage Peltiers
Avalanche photodiode detector
  • Highest sensitivity (high signal: noise)
Optics-based, multiwave­length calibration
  • For CD accuracy
Cuvettes and holders
  • Selected for far- and near-UV CD analysis of biomolecules (single sample mode)

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