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Stopped-Flow videos

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SX lamp exchange video

This video tutorial will demonstrate the correct procedure for replacing and aligning a lamp in an SX20 Stopped-Flow spectrophotometer. There are three common reasons to replace a lamp:

  1. They are difficult to start
  2. The performance level has dropped
  3. The lamp has reached the 1,000 hour recommended lifetime.
SX20 Stopped-Flow demonstration video

This video tutorial demonstrates how to perform a good stopped-flow experiment on an SX20 Stopped-Flow spectrometer.

Stopped-Flow drive volume calibration

This video shows how to calibrate the Stopped-Flow Drive

SX syringe swap

SX, Stopped-Flow syringe swap instructions

SX20 Stopped-Flow - sequential mixing mode demonstration

In this video, we discuss how to configure sequential mixing on Applied Photophysics SX20 stopped-flow spectrometers and how to validate their performance. We cover switching flow lines, installation and adjustment of rams and selecting appropriate mixing volumes.

Stopped-Flow - enzyme study method

Complex study of enzymology using Stopped-Flow technology - SX20

Stopped-Flow and enzyme kinetics

Using Stopped-Flow technology and enzyme kinetics - SX20

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