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Stopped Flow
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Expand the capability of a UV or fluorescence spectrometer

Ideal as a teaching aid, the RX2000 is a portable, high performance stopped-flow accessory to enable kinetic measurements of reactions at least a thousand-fold faster than those run by manual methods.

Compatible with a wide range of UV-Vis spectrometers and fluorometers from major manufacturers, the RX2000 is built from chemically-resistant materials with an armored umbilical for robustness.

  • Save sample: generate reproducible data with a drive volume of only 120 μL
  • Observe reactions on 10 ms timescale and higher: dead times as short as 8 ms
  • Observe reactions at 0 - 60°C: sample temperature controlled from drive syringes through to cell and recorded on a digital temperature display
  • Achieve asymmetric mixing ratios from 1:1 up to 1:10 when using different-sized syringes: simultaneous drive of both syringes provides ratio mixing capability.


Key Features

  • Short Dead Time. The dead time of the RX2000 is only 8ms, as determined by the protocol of Tonomura et al (Anal. Biochem 84, p370-383, 1978). This enables first order reaction rates over 200s-1 to be measured.
  • Total Thermostatting. Uniquely, the entire flow circuit of the RX2000 is thermostated (including drive syringes). In addition to providing reliable temperature equilibration, this has the added benefit of aiding in the rigorous exclusion of oxygen from the entire sample for anaerobic work.
  • Chemical resistant materials. Carefully selected materials are used throughout to protect the instrument from aggressive chemical spillage.
  • Wide temperature range. High performance syringes with canted seals are used exclusively, providing reliable operation over a wide temperature range.
  • Large ratio mixing capability. The drive syringes can be readily substituted to allow mixing ratios from 1:1 to 1:10.
  • Universal compatibility. The RX2000 can be fitted in seconds without tools to ANY spectrometer that can accommodate a standard 1cm rectangular cell.
  • Exceptional Sample Economy. The prime volume of the RX2000 is only 260µl per reagent (with the standard umbilical length of 60cm) and the subsequent volume per shot is only 120µl.
  • Adjustable Drive Volume. The volume required per drive is adjustable. This flexibility is of particular importance when performing large ratio asymmetric mixing experiments.
  • Armoured Umbilical. The 60cm umbilical is armoured to prevent damage. The observation cell can therefore be positioned through tight turns without constricting the flow of the thermostat fluid. Shorter umbilicals are available.
  • Triggering. The RX2000 is provided with the following popular triggering configurations, TTL, open collector and switch contact. The trigger output is accessed by a standard 5 pin DIN socket.
  • Digital Temperature Display. This integral feature, fitted as standard, indicates the sample temperature in the cell to within 0.10C.

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