Stability of Biopharmaceuticals 2023


MIbio 2023

The 11th MIBio conference will occur at Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge, on 18th October 2023.

MIBio engages leading experts from industry and academia in a discussion on how the latest molecular interaction-based discoveries can be exploited in biopharmaceutical formulation to produce more effective, patient-friendly, and safer therapeutic products.

The 2023 meeting will focus on a number of aspects of cutting edge biopharmaceutical product development, including patient-centric dosage forms, both from the formulation and from the device point of view. In addition, for the first time in the MIBio series, recent advances and future outlook in oral delivery will be discussed. Last but not least, presentations and discussions will cover development of novel dosage forms and the use of artificial intelligence to achieve better products.

There will be around 100 delegates from biopharma industry, academia and technology suppliers to create a stimulating event fostering new collaborations and discoveries that will help steer the development of the next generation of formulation technologies.

We look forward to seeing you at MIBio 2023!




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The Programme

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening remarks

09:15  Drug Delivery Dynamics & Future outlook: a Strategic Perspective - Didier Pertuy | Sanofi

09:45 Human Factors Considerations for Formulation Development - Katie Cornish | AstraZeneca

10:15 Speed Networking

11:15 Oral biopharmaceutical delivery: Not directly replacing a shot with a pill - Randy Mrsny | University of Bath

11:45 Advanced drug delivery strategies for oral administration of peptides and proteins - Stephen Buckley | Novo Nordisk

12:15 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Posters

13:30 Introduction to the afternoon session

13:45 Discussion panel

14:45 Exhibitors highlights

15:30 Coffee break, Exhibition and Posters

16:00 Oral biopharmaceutical delivery: Not directly replacing a shot with a pill - Randy Mrsny | University of Bath

16:30 Title to be announced

17:00 Concluding remarks

17:10 Conference ends

MIBio Organising Committee

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